Alpha Girl by Kate Bloomfield Review

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

People who know me personally are aware of the fact that I don't care for the whole werewolf genre. Twilight killed it for me, in fact the only werewolf thing I'm obsessed with is Teen Wolf. (OMG SCOTT!)

So I took a chance on this novella, hoping to have that changed and I was pleasantly surprised! I found the whole student teacher thing to be slightly off putting but after I found out the reasons behind their attraction, it was ok.

Ah, but all this forbidden's just satisfying! A guilty pleasure for sure!

Let's talk about characters...

Rose. She's not an annoying seventeen year old. She's pretty mature for her age and she has quite a mouth on her. I like it when teenage characters curse, because it's REALISTIC. I like intelligent teen characters also because it's also REALISTIC. We've got to stop underestimating our youth and see them for the budding adults they are. Rose is trying to tell everyone that she knows what she wants and as usual parents and the rest of the adults are trying to do what's best for her not realizing that she's now old enough to know exactly what that is. In this case, Mr.Stone.

Tom Stone. He's hot. I mean who doesn't love a sexy English teacher? If my English teachers were that smokin' in high school, I'd have trouble resisting also. He's intelligent and sees Rose as a person not a dog or weirdo like everyone else. He values her opinions and is challenged by her.
The one thing I'm going to say is that in terms of character maturity, Rose seems wise beyond her years and at times Tom seems like he's only seventeen. I mean, I know we're dealing with the paranormal here but if anyone has read vampire academy (and I can't believe I'm going to reference VA) Dimitri resisted Rose for quite a while and I appreciated that. I know it's COMPLETELY different but so much happens so FAST in this novella. I kept getting the Twilight Instalove vibe and that's a no-no for me. We want our characters to jump off the pages so we gotta make those characters go through leaps and bounds for love. It just feels more satisfying that way. Still, I loved his character and he was very caring towards Rose.

Anyway, it was a good read and I'd recommend it to anyone who was looking for something easy to fall into. This is one of those books that for me, was effortless to read! :)


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