Anew by Chelsea Fine Review

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Anew was one of those books that I put off reading for some weird reason. I wasn't sold by the synopsis alone, but I read it anyway and BOY WAS I WRONG!
Anew has it all: Action, Romance, and even comedy! I can't count how many times I LOL'd at something Gabe or Nate said. 
The biggest thing about this series is the characters! You fall in love with them so easily and root for them. Even with the love triangle which was tastefully done in a way that I wasn't annoyed by it. (Hello Twilght?!) This triangle was crucial to the story and it honestly confused the heck out of me because I couldn't pick a side at first!

A very enjoyable read and Chelsea Fine really has a knack for writing such lovable and realistic characters. 
You won't be disappointed one bit!


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